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10. September 2014

As the roaring forests in our eyes wither away,
mountains crumble before our fragile horizon. 
The mesmerising oceans flood the tragic mind,
leaving behind a desolation in our vacant hearts.

The frailty of the human soul,
meshed with unyielding resolve,
led to the unshackling of undesirable events. 

Rest in peace, dear Mother.
For in these solemn times of anxiety,
we could only fast forward the inevitable. 

6. September 2014

man destroys, 
              man makes

nature gives,
              nature takes 

"wise" human, 
              make place.

twin entities,


Same Fate. 


                                                        - The Cavemen



2 (by Eclairs - Davide Bignotti)

5. September 2014

A friend, is a friend in deed.

friend, is a friend


in time of need. 


                         - The Cavemen 

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28. August 2014

Music of ecstatic 
african religiosity 
told through other continents

musical vocabularies.
its beauty discovered 
over and over 
by generations of players,
listeners lovers,
makers, samplers,
it continues to influence 
                     - Femi Dawkins, Founders Friend