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CAVEMEN is a filmic, photographic and literary concept based on a fictional group of men through which their founders depict style. |

11. October 2014

Ripped jeans, long hair, unique in kin
A kiss of sun that baked her skin
No house nor home shall keep her in
Resfeber calls, the foreign win

A tug-of-war with hearts at stake
Fowl words and fights and walls we break.
Our tears fill up an empty lake,
But wait, a touch, for passions sake

Now you come close in hearted haze
And none shall soothe this passioned craze
Then we forget of time and space
And burn in lust, for endless days

                               - The Cavemen

20. September 2014

Two intertwine, two collapse

Love and hate
Joy and pain
Nature and Mankind

                 - The Cavemen